Relevant Legislation

Communiqués regarding licensing and registry notifications dealing with the principles of foundation, operations and activities of capital market institutions are listed below.


  1. Capital Markets Law no. 6362
  2. Communiqué on Principles Regarding Licensing and Recordkeeping For Those Engaged in Capital Market Activities, no. VII-128.7
  3. Communiqué on Reporting Obligation Regarding Insider Trading or Manipulation Crimes
  4. Borsa Istanbul A.S. (Istanbul Stock Exchange) Quotation (Listing) Regulation
  5. Communiqué on Principles of Exchange Traded Funds (III-52.2)
  6. Communiqué on Real Estate Investment Funds (III-52.3)
  7. Communiqué on Principles of Real Estate Investment Companies (III-48.1)
  8. Communiqué on Principles of Venture Capital Investment Funds (III-52.4)
  9. Communiqué on Principles of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Companies (III-48.3)
  10. Communiqué on Lease Certificates (III-61.1)
  11. Communiqué on Corporate Governance (II-17.1)
  12. Communiqué on Portfolio Depositary Service and Providers of Such Service (III-56.1)
  13. Communiqué on Portfolio Management Companies and Activities of Such Companies (III-55.1)
  14. Articles of Turkish Capital Markets Association
  15. Communiqué on Asset-Backed and Mortgage-Backed Securities (III-58.1)
  16. Communiqué on Principles of Investment Funds (III-52.1)
  17. Communiqué on Principles Regarding Investment Services, Activities and Ancillary Services (III-37.1)
  18. Communiqué on Principles of Establishment and Activities of Investment Firms (III-39.1)
  19. Communiqué on Measures to be Taken For Insider Trading and Manipulation Investigations (V-101.1)
  20. Communiqué on Obligation of Notification Regarding Insider Trading or Manipulation Crimes (V-2.102.1)