Renewal Trainings

The renewal trainings are separated into two groups as License-based and Module-based.

  • License Renewal Trainings are organized as per the provisions of Article 17 “License Renewal” of the Licensing Communiqué
  • Module (Examination Subject) Renewal Trainings are organized as per the provisions of Article 12 “Exam Marks and Principles of Validity of Exam Marks” of the Licensing Communiqué.

The applicant, if already a license holder, is required to take license renewal training, or if applying for a new license and has already been successful in examinations for the modules of the relevant license, but has an examination score older than 3 years, is required to take renewal training for the relevant module only. The applicant, in his/her sole discretion, is also entitled to reenter the same examination on the relevant examination subject older than 3 years in order to get a valid examination score, rather than completing the module renewal training. The said modules (examination subjects) are included in Article 8 “All of Examination Subjects” of the Licensing Communiqué, and the Board has determined a total of 19 examination subjects.

Pursuant to the Licensing Communiqué, the license holders are obliged to participate in license renewal trainings once every 3 years, and accordingly, if a license holder fails to participate in the license renewal trainings in a timely fashion, his/her license is suspended. License holders whose license is suspended are not permitted to engage in the licensed activities. However, suspended licenses are reactivated through participation in renewal trainings.

Renewal trainings are offered as webbased via Online Training Portal (OEP) contained in SPL Application System, and in addition to the predetermined compulsory training courses, some other training courses selected from among optional (elective) training courses are also taken, and thus, the required minimum total credit is reached, and upon completion of all these trainings, the obligation to participate license renewal trainings is deemed to have been fulfilled. 

You may retrieve the Licensing Communiqué from here.