Examination Activity

Licensing examinations for capital market activities are organized and held by our Corporation within the frame of authorization granted to us by the Capital Markets Board (“Board”) in accordance with the principles set forth in “the Communiqué on Principles Regarding Licensing and Recordkeeping For Those Engaged in Capital Market Activities” (VII-128.7) (“Communiqué”).

Any person wishing to work in capital markets is required to hold different license certificates depending upon his/her fields of activity and areas of specialization. For eligibility for a license certificate, the candidate must be successful in licensing examinations, and must satisfy the post-examination conditions.

Candidates who pass the examinations may get their license certificates from our Corporation by satisfying other conditions as well.

Examinations are organized in paper and electronic (e-LS) environment.  

There are 9 types of examinations corresponding to 9 different licenses, and each type of examination covers a different number of examination subjects. There are 23 examination subjects in total, and each examination subject is comprised of 25 questions.

Application for licensing examinations is not subject to any condition of graduation from any school. Anyone may file an application for licensing examinations. However, after successfully passing the licensing examinations, it is required to satisfy the condition of being graduated from a certain level of schools for eligibility for a certain license certificate. Candidates must have graduated from an at least 2-year higher education institution for Capital Market Activities Level 1 License and Residential Real Estate Appraisal License, and an at least 4-year higher education institution for all other licenses.