Electronic Licensing Examinations (e-LS)

e-LS is organized by SPL in accordance with the principles set out in the Communiqué VII-128.7 in the framework of the authority given by the Board.

e-LS is conducted in electronic environment via computer. In this respect, applicants who will apply for the exam must have the knowledge and skills of using computers. e-LS does not provide candidates with computer training and does not provide any support for using the computer.

It is equivalent in terms of the results of the licensing exams made in the paper environment and the licensing exams made in the electronic environment. Candidates taking examination in paper environment and candidates entering e-LS have the same rights in case they are successful from exams.

No graduation requirements at any school level are required to participate in e-LS. The exams are in Turkish.

Applications for e-LS are made on the basis of the test subject and it is possible to select the desired number of test subjects for the desired test course. There is no obligation to select all exam topics for the first time.

There are no limitations on the number of exams to be entered in e-LS. However, in order to be able to retake the same examination subject, there should be at least sixty (60) days between the same exam dates. The 60-day-rule is not applied in cases where the examination fee is paid but the exam is not attended. However, those who participate in electronic examinations may also enter the examinations in paper to be organized and held within 60 days prior or subsequent to the date of such examination.