E-GEM Trainings

Electronic General Meeting System (E-GEM) Trainings

Pursuant to article 1527 of the Turkish Commercial Code (“TCC”) no. 6102, it has been made obligatory for the companies listed in the Stock Exchange to allow participation in meetings of their general assembly via electronic participation. E-GEM is a platform covering prior to, during and subsequent to the general assembly meetings, and as it is deemed useful and necessary to provide training to as many personnel as possible of both corporations and intermediary institutions in connection therewith, the Central Registry Agency (“MKK”) and our Company are organizing joint trainings since 2012 in connection therewith. E-GEM trainings are web based and provided through OEP. 

To apply for E-GEM trainings;

1)    An EFT/remittance is required to be sent to the following account (IBAN),

2)   Training Registration Form should be filled in,

3)   Debit note of the fee deposited as above should be sent to egitim@spl.com.tr together with Training Registration Form

Among the E-GKS training topics, “E-GEM Shareholders Representatives” training is freely at your disposal in our Online Training Portal.


Name & Surname / Title


Account No. / Branch

 9630-5261148-363, DENİZBANK 1. Levent Branch


 TR89 0013 4000 0052 6114 8000 18

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For support, you may contact our Training Department through Expert Hotline no. 0850 532 34 34.