About Us

Capital Markets Licensing Registry and Training Agency Inc. is authorized by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (“Board”) to grant licenses to employees of capital market institutions and publicly held corporations, and to keep records of license holders, and to organize training programs relating to licenses, and has started its activities in 2011.

Persons having certain job titles or qualifications and working in publicly held corporations, investment firms, collective investment schemes, rating agencies, real estate appraisal companies and other institutions covered by the Capital Markets Law are, if and to the extent required under the relevant regulations of the Board, required to have one or several of the licenses listed in “The Communiqué on Principles Regarding Licensing and Recordkeeping For Those Engaged in Capital Market Activities” (VII-128.7). Licensing examinations are organized and held by our corporation within the frame of authorization granted by the Board.


Capital market institutions and publicly held corporations recruiting and employing persons subject to license as determined by the Board are under obligation to report the same to SPL within 10 business days following the date of recruitment thereof. Also in the case of resignation of persons subject to license, the relevant capital market institutions and publicly held corporations are obligated to report the same to SPL again within 10 business days following the date of resignation thereof. These notices are sent in writing or electronically according to contents and methods determined by the Board..

License renewal trainings are organized by our corporation, and license holders are under obligation to participate in a license renewal training once every 3 years. Contents and procedures of license renewal trainings are determined by the Board.

For all employees, investors, top level executives, shortly those working actively in capital markets or who are interested in these fields, our corporation is organizing class-based professional development trainings and various other trainings. On the other hand, e-General Meeting training which is obligatory for companies listed and quoted in stock exchange is also conducted by our corporation.